The Freedom Theater Festival honors Sherif Desouki at the conclusion of the activities of the seventh session


The seventh edition of the Freedom Theatrical Festival, which was held under the name of the late “Mohamed Ghoneim”, was concluded in Alexandria, headed by the able artist. Samira Abdel Aziz.
Hosted by Egyptian Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem, 8 shows were selected from 31 theatrical performances. The festival offers 11 prizes in various fields of theatrical arts.
The participating shows are: The Farewell Monologue, directed by Ahmed Tarek, and Negative One, directed by Abdullah Saber, and what is hidden was greater, directed by Mohamed Bahgat, and The Factory, directed by Mustafa Askar, and Al Kharaiti, directed by Mohamed Farag, and Oh Carmila, directed by Ashraf Ali, and the incident directed by Yasmine Saeed, and clay and fire. Directed by Mohab Al-Sassi, in addition to the presentation of the play Al-Shahid written and directed by Ihab Jaber, within the protocol of cooperation with the International Theater Without Production Festival.
The jury of the festival included the artist Ahmed Taha and Walid Jaber, the music composer Dr. Mohamed Hosni, the artist Islam Abdel Shafee, andscenography Walid Gaber, and the kerograph, Mohamed Mizo.
The festival’s higher committee consisted of Walid Ganoush, director of the Creativity Center, the able artist Samira Abdel Aziz, head of the festival, and theater director Mohamed Morsi, director of the festival.

Theatrical Freedom Festival - From Facebook Creativity Center
The conclusion of the Freedom Theater Festival – from Facebook Creativity Center

Presentation on issues of disabled andPeople of determination Wins Best Presentation Award

The winning bid is negative one - from Facebook Creativity Center
A presentation dealing with issues of people with disabilities – from Facebook Creativity Center

The show “Negative One” won the award for the best show, as the jury praised the level of performance and the outstanding performance presented by the young playwrights, as the show dealt with issues of Disabled People of Determination, and their suffering in dealing with others. The show was produced by the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, written by Mohamed Adel, directed by Abdullah Saber, and the Special Jury Prize for Factory Show, directed by Mustafa Askar, won the Samira Abdel Aziz Award for Best Actress, Maria Osama for View AH Carmella.

Honoring theatrical figures who influenced the creative and cultural field

Honoring Sherif El-Desouky at the Freedom Theatrical Festival - from Facebook Creativity Center
Honoring Sherif El-Desouky at the Freedom Theater Festival – from Facebook Creativity Center

The festival, during its current session, during the closing ceremony, honored a number of able theatrical personalities who influenced the creative, cultural and artistic fields, and they are the name of the late Muhammad Ghoneim, and the artist Sherif El DesoukyDr. Gamal Yaqout, President of the Cairo Festival for Experimental Theatre, artist Mohamed Yousry, scriptwriter Mahmoud Hamdan, Iman El-Serafy, and the name of the late Moamen Abdo.

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