The four American space tourists have returned to Earth


Four American tourists completed a space flight aboard a SpaceX capsule that orbited the Earth for three days and landed on Saturday evening in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida, to successfully complete the first flight in human history limited to ordinary passengers, not including any astronaut. professional.

The Dragon capsule completed its descent thanks to its heat shield, then was slowed down by four huge parachutes.

The landing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida took place on schedule at 23.06 GMT (19.06 local time).

Shortly after landing, billionaire mission leader Jared Isakman said, “It was an amazing journey for us, and it’s just getting started.”

And “Inspiration 4” is the first space mission to have passengers on average, not experienced astronauts.

“Congratulations, Inspiration 4,” SpaceX owner Elon Musk wrote on Twitter shortly after the landing.

The “Inspiration 4” mission took place in an orbit higher than the International Space Station, which is floating in space at an altitude of about 400 kilometers, and is the first to penetrate this far into space since a mission to repair the Hubble telescope in 2009.

The mission aimed to raise $200 million for St. Jude’s Hospital and studied the impact of space on crews without professional astronauts.

The flight was attended by Isaacman, paramedic Hayley Arsenault, flight engineer Chris Sembrowski and science teacher Sian Proctor.

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