The first photo of Tim Hassan and Emieh Al-Sayah in the scenes of filming “Al-Hiba – Jabal”


Filming continues for the fifth part of the “Al-Hiba” series, entitled “Al-Hiba – Jabal”, in which the female lead role is played by the actress and presenter, Aimee El Sayah.

Al-Sayah published a photo that she collected with Syrian star Tim Hassan behind the scenes of filming, which won the admiration of a large number of her followers, as well as stars, including Daniela Rahma, who went to shouting: “Good luck, my love.”

Al-Sayah commented on the clip attached with these words: “The shooting is continuing… Prestige is a mountain very soon. With the mountain of prestige, the star Tim Hassan, with whom the experience was more than wonderful; it was inspiring, fun and enriching.”

It is worth noting that the series “Al-Hiba – Jabal” starring the Syrian actors Tim Hassan, Abdel Moneim Amayri and the Lebanese star Amy Al-Sayah, in addition to a group of the brightest Lebanese and Syrian actors.


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