The first clips from “Al-Hiba Jabal”: a war against “ISIS” (video)


“Al-Sabah Brothers” Company has launched the special promotional advertisement for the series “Al-Hiba – Jabal”, which will be shown soon, concluding the “Al-Hiba” series with a fifth and final part.Jabal said, addressing Sarah Ibrahim: “We have lived through wars here and long and wide, since the days of Sultan, but without politics, you can’t win a war.”

He added, “I am here as a leader, and the leader in the battle does not diminish the value of his opponent… an Islamic state… Iraq… Levant… and this opponent we must confront, and call him by his name.”The promo clips showed battles against ISIS fighters.

The Syrian artist Abdel Moneim Amayri joined the new part, with the exclusion of his compatriot and colleague Owais Makhlati, and keeping the stars of the work: Tim Hassan, Abdo Shaheen, Mona Wassef and Rosina Lazkani.

It is noteworthy that the first season of the dramatic work is written by the Syrian Hozan Akko and directed by the Syrian Samer Al-Barqawi, it was shown in 2017, and continued with other writers with a second part entitled “Al-Hiba – Return”, followed by the third part entitled “Al-Hiba – Harvest”, and the fourth “The Prestige is the Response” “.


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