The European Club Association warns of the “devastating” impact of plans to hold the World Cup every two years


The European Club Association warns of the impact


The European Club Association (ECA) said on Friday that FIFA’s plans to hold the World Cup every two years will have a “direct and devastating” impact on clubs.

The association, which represents 234 European clubs, indicated that FIFA’s handling of the reforms in the international match schedule constituted a “clear and unilateral breach of legal obligations” to join the European Union “UEFA” in opposing the proposals.

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The association did not clarify these commitments, but it reached a series of agreements with “UEFA” and “FIFA” on the schedule.

She added: “Football clubs have always maintained a fundamental and respected voice when determining the future of the international match schedule, which is the cornerstone of the game, the engine of competitions, the main focus and the player’s home for development and investment, and the fulcrum of fans and local communities.”

FIFA is conducting a feasibility study on holding the World Cup every two years, instead of four years now.

Arsene Wenger, the former Arsenal coach who is currently the head of global football development at FIFA, said this month that he was “100 percent convinced” of the transition to the new format.

The association confirmed that it was ready to discuss “updating” the match schedule, but complained about the lack of consultation from “FIFA”.

And “FIFA” stated on Monday that it “communicated with its members and other shareholders (agents of players, clubs, league competitions and federations) to start a new phase of consultations.”

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin threatened this month with a possible European boycott of the World Cup if FIFA carried out his plans.

The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) strongly criticized the proposals, while the Asian Confederation, the North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation (CONCACAF) and the African Union (CAF) welcomed consultations to study the idea.

Source: Reuters


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