The English Premier League standings after the sixth round.. Liverpool leads and 5 clubs ignite the runner-up


The curtain came down on the sixth round of the English Premier League competition “Premier League” for the current season 2021-2022, this evening, Monday, against the Crystal Palace teams and its counterpart Brighton, which ended in a positive tie with a goal for each of them.

English Premier League standings

Brighton is in sixth place in the English Premier League table with 13 points, while Crystal Palace is in fifteenth place with only 6 points.

Liverpool, a professional in its ranks, leads the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, in the English Premier League standings, with 14 points, after its exciting draw with its host Brentford team, 3-3, taking advantage of the fall of Chelsea and Manchester United, losing against Manchester City and Aston Villa, 1-0.

English Premier League standings

Liverpool is one point ahead of 5 clubs equal in the same balance of points by 13 points, but they differ only in the goal difference between them.

Manchester City came in second place with 13 points, after their valuable victory over its host Chelsea, which has the same number of points, but City outperforms the goal difference.

English Premier League standings

Manchester United finished fourth with 13 points after losing to Aston Villa with a clean goal, and with the same balance, Everton came in fifth place, after beating Norwich City 2-0.

English Premier League standings

Arsenal scored a 3-1 victory over its neighbors, Tottenham, during the match that brought the two teams together, on Saturday evening, at the Emirates Stadium, the Gunners stronghold in the north London derby, at the top of the sixth round matches.

Arsenal occupies tenth place in the English Premier League table with a second consecutive victory with 9 points, while Tottenham occupies 11th place with the same balance of points..

The English Premier League table was as follows:

English Premier League table
English Premier League table


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