The distribution included all regions and parties… and the import is continuing


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Iranian oil is a cross-sectarian project, and a successful and bold step in the course of Hezbollah’s work that left a comprehensive relief for all the Lebanese in their various sects, parties and divisions, after reaching all governmental hospitals and many non-governmental ones, starting from Tripoli to Akkar, Koura, the North, Kesrouan, Jbeil, North and South Matin, Aley and Chouf Rashaya, Bekaa, and Hasbaya without exception, in addition to houses of worship, orphanages, agricultural projects and power stations, free of charge. The distribution was carried out without any media displays and in silence out of respect for all feelings, and people reported the news of the arrival of Iranian oil to this institution and that, because Al-Amanah Company and Hezbollah officials kept away from the media and leakage completely, and dealt with morality and magnanimity that left good impressions in all regions different from everything you circulated Political leaders opposing the party from distortions and broadcasting unjust images and incorrect information in which there is a great deception, and this will establish a cross-sectarian project and national transformations. The political class, with all its symbols, will work to undermine this atmosphere by launching campaigns from many and sovereign doors without presenting any solutions and proposals or taking practical steps to mitigate One of the people’s pain, after they were alarmed by the impressive success and popular response to this step.

In the information, the American embassy monitored the move moment by moment and made sure of its success, and it received accurate reports on the distribution of Iranian oil in all regions, even those calculated on March 14 before March 8, amid a popular response and the absence of any incidents due to careful regulation and prevention of monopoly and the arrival of diesel to its beneficiaries, This success raised the level of challenge, statements, and bidding against the project and pressure to thwart it after the popular campaigns, and all the American and Arab money that was spent to distort the image of Hezbollah and its position and demonize its fans evaporated. They opposed it, distorted it, and generalized the impossibility of its implementation and success, and they were astonished by the volume of popular requests submitted to Al-Amanah Company and by thousands and from all regions to obtain quantities of diesel that would protect them from winter storms and relieve them of heavy burdens, especially since the price difference in one newspaper reached 200,000 liras, and it became inevitable with The high volume of requests to extend the import of more Iranian ships At the end of the month, and also in the information, that the trustees of the trust company with Hezbollah officials did not reject a request due to any institution, whatever its inclinations and supervision, from the political references, with respect for privacy and confidentiality to prevent embarrassment, although some of these references attacked the step and the first beneficiaries were justified This is for electoral reasons.
In the information, too, the incitement to the move will escalate, because the American embassy and European and Arab embassies received reports before implementing the step about the impossibility of its success and the possibility of Iranian oil reaching all regions and that the convoys will be confronted by the people and March 14, and will be burned in some areas, but accounts The arrival of Iranian oil did not match the accounts of the American threshing floor, and the people ignored all the warnings and welcomed the move and opened direct lines of communication with the officials of Al-Amanah Company and Hezbollah. What injustice and humiliation the Lebanese people have been subjected to at the hands of gangs and mafias without any serious solutions and media statements? Is sovereignty and freedom by humiliating people and hitting their dignity to get a liter of diesel, and when the state failed, Hezbollah took the initiative, the goal was to lift humiliation from people and alleviate suffering, and did not impose its project on anyone, and the broad popular response protected the step, specifically by supporters of all parties right and left, and this It is a very natural thing, which made many political leaders lose their senses, but what happened happened, and the party’s step succeeded and they failed. This is the only way to solve the fuel crisis and maintain the stability of the dollar, otherwise the crisis will continue and the suffering will be long, and this matter will not be allowed by Hezbollah “with the permission of the sovereigns” and will extend imports and do not impose anything under duress and the Lebanese are free in their options.
There is also information that the depth of the crisis requires new options and the search for new markets that relieve people’s suffering, and just as the Saudi, Gulf, Egyptian and Turkish markets have opened, and even the markets of the enemy entity with China and Russia are America’s two biggest rivals for their interests, so what is the problem in opening up to Iran and obtaining its oil for the sake of interest country and prevent its collapse?


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