The departure of Abdul Muttalib Al-Kazemi, the former Kuwaiti oil minister


The departure of Abdul Muttalib Al-Kazemi, the former Kuwaiti oil minister

He was kidnapped by “Carlos” and witnessed the assassination of King Faisal

Sunday – 12 Safar 1443 AH – 19 September 2021 AD Issue No. [

Abdul Muttalib Al-Kazemi

Dammam: Mirza Al-Khuwailidi

The former Kuwaiti Oil Minister, Abdul Muttalib Al-Kazemi, the minister whose name was associated with two important events, the first was the assassination of King Faisal bin Abdulaziz, and the second was the kidnapping of oil ministers in Vienna by the global terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, known as “Carlos.”
Abdul-Muttalib Abdul-Hussein Al-Kazemi descends from a family known for political work, especially parliamentarians, his two brothers Zaid and Abdul-Latif Al-Kazemi, both of whom became a deputy in the Kuwaiti National Assembly. Inside Kuwait, where Kuwaiti oil facilities were exposed to a huge fire, Al-Kazemi succeeded in containing it and getting out of its effects.
The most prominent event in Al-Kazemi’s career was the assassination of King Faisal, as he was an eyewitness to that crime, which occurred days after Al-Kazemi assumed the duties of his position as a minister. Faisal and talking to him about the neutral zone between the two countries, and while the king greeted him, greeted him, and kissed him in his office in the royal court, the king was fatally shot.
In his multiple account of this incident, Al-Kazemi says: “I did not understand at the time what happened… The matter happened quickly while I greeted His Majesty King Faisal… I thought that the sound was caused by the flash of one of the cameras, but the king fell in front of me and I was shocked.”
The second event, which remained stuck in his biography, was the kidnapping of the oil ministers in the first meeting that Al-Kazemi attended of the ministers of OPEC countries in Vienna at the hands of the global terrorist Carlos.
In his account of what happened, he says: The scheduled OPEC meeting was held at the organization’s headquarters in Vienna in the winter of 1975, after days of lengthy meetings and discussions. UAE and Qatar… At about ten in the morning, in the middle of the meeting of ministerial delegations… At that moment, gunfire was heard… The attacking group consisted of five men and a woman who closed the curtains… The leader of the group, Carlos, began to question the members and question each one. About his identity, then the attendees were sorted into three groups, the first: he called it the (enemies) group, in which the delegations of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar and the Iranian delegation were placed, and the second group called it the (friends) group, which includes the Libyan delegation, Algeria and Iraq, and the third group was called (neutralizers) and the delegation was placed in it. The Indonesian delegation, the Venezuelan delegation, the Gabon delegation, and the Ecuadorean delegation, while the Kuwaiti delegation was confused by Carlos.
Al-Kazemi reported that the global terrorist, when he met the Kuwaiti Oil Minister, said: Kuwait represents 50 percent of its stances as hostility, but he put the delegation in the group of friends.
It is known that Carlos negotiated with the Austrian authorities to secure a plane, and the next day he transferred the delegations to a military airport, and the ministers were transferred to Algeria, where the crisis was settled after painstaking negotiations took place.
At the national level, Al-Kazemi played a prominent role in the service of his country through the bodies in which he worked, and he also left an impact on the Kuwaiti local community by strengthening the comprehensive Kuwaiti identity and openness to various national currents.


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