The coalition destroys two Houthi missile and ballistic marches towards Saudi Arabia


Aden: “The Gulf”

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced that its defenses had intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile launched by the terrorist Houthi militia targeting civilians in the city of Najran, southern Saudi Arabia. On Friday, the Saudi defenses intercepted and destroyed a booby-trapped drone launched by the Houthis towards Abha. Before that, the Saudi defenses shot down, at dawn on Friday, a fifth booby-trapped drone launched by the militias towards Khamis Mushait.

In a related context, the Coalition to Support Legitimacy confirmed the destruction of a Houthi military site in Al-Jawf Governorate used by the militia to launch booby-trapped marches, as the targeting process included the launch pad, drones, support vehicles and operators. This comes amid intensifying battles between the Yemeni army forces, backed by the resistance, tribesmen, and the Houthi militias on various fronts of fighting in the southern Marib governorate. The media center of the army stated that the battles that took place since, at dawn yesterday, Saturday, resulted in the killing and wounding of dozens of Houthi militias, in addition to the destruction of 6 crews and 4 combat vehicles with artillery shelling of the army forces and raids by coalition aircraft. He pointed out that the battles are continuing amid great human and material losses in the ranks of the coup militias.

The joint forces destroyed Houthi artillery positions, targeting civilian objects in separate areas of Hodeidah on the western coast. Field military sources reported that the militias bombed with 82-caliber heavy mortars, residential neighborhoods in the Kilo 16 area and areas east of the city of Hodeidah, targeting them with medium machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. The sources added that the joint forces were able to identify the sources of the Houthi bombing and targeting, and they were answered with the appropriate weapons and put out immediately.

The military media added that the ground clashes waged by quality units west of the city of Hays crushed new attempts by the militias to rearrange their defenses and approach the lines of contact towards Hays, and inflicted heavy losses on them.


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