The black dress caused the malaise of Majida El Roumi at the Jerash Festival!


Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow up with impartiality: The Lebanese actress, Magda El Roumi, revealed the details of her ill health that afflicted her on the stage of the Jerash Festival, denying that she fainted or fell to the ground.

She said, “I insisted on wearing my black dress that you saw me in, and it was very tight, so I decided not to eat meals, and I was satisfied with some fruit and a piece of biscuit from four o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday until the time of the party.”

The Lebanese artist added: “The weather was very hot and the lighting was strong, and I was very excited, and without eating, all these elements combined made me feel unbalanced. I seem to have had a drop in pressure from it, and when they gave me a glass of water and sugar, I was relieved and immediately went back to the theatre.”

And she added: “It was a historic night in which I sang 25 songs, including words, and you put my heart in my heart, and I love you very much and be my friend) and others. constitute my real treasure.”


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