The arrest of a cell loyal to “ISIS” in Tripoli, Lebanon


On Tuesday, the Lebanese army announced the arrest of a pro-ISIS cell in the city of Tripoli, which was aiming to carry out terrorist operations in the country.

According to the Lebanese News Agency, the Intelligence Directorate in the city of Tripoli arrested a number of (unidentified) people who form a cell supporting the terrorist organization ISIS.

She explained that they “purchased individual weapons and ammunition in order to carry out security operations, taking advantage of the deteriorating conditions in Lebanon, and the cell members also sought to recruit other people to help them.”

She pointed out that “the cell began its activity last June, and carried out the assassination of the retired first aide, Ahmed Murad, in the Two Hundred Areas – Tripoli on August 22nd.”

She explained that “the detainees were investigated under the supervision of the competent judiciary.”


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