The action-comedy series continues between Mohamed Henedy and Van Damme


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Egyptian artist Mohamed Henedy sent a new message to Belgian action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme, expressing his appreciation for him, describing him as a “legend”, but he continued to challenge him, after he recently invited him to a combat fight at the foot of the Pyramids .

And the Egyptian comedian addressed him in a post he posted on his official account on “Facebook”, saying: The legend Van Damme.. a global star we all loved.. A large generation of young people have been raised on your films and have known foreign films and action because of your films.. All of Egypt welcomes you, and we are waiting for you.

Henedy seemed somewhat realistic, and added in a funny tone, not lacking in confidence: “All Egyptians will encourage the strongest, fiercest, and most dangerous side, and this is certainly not me, but we will win the Egyptians’ invitations, and the oil is there, and the good of our Lord is a lot.”

The Belgian action movie star had responded admiringly to the comment of one of the Egyptians who announced their support for Mohamed Henedy in the fight that the latter called for, through social networking sites.

Jean-Claude Van Damme said: “The amount of love Egyptian fans have for Mr. Henedy is impressive, this made me fall in love with him before meeting him, and this proves that he is a great comedian, but he is also a kind-hearted person, his funny and cheerful pictures, also make me smile.”

The story of Henedy’s funny challenge to Van Damme, which recently enjoyed a great deal of interaction on social media, began with the Egyptian comedian’s comment on a picture that brought together international action movie stars, Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chinese Jackie Chan, and Indian Shah Rukh Khan under the phrase “a picture that radiates unlimited luxury.” “, which Henedy commented on with a photo that he collected with Egyptian stars Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed El Sakka and the late Alaa Wali El Din, accompanied by a comment: “A picture that shines more.”

Henedy later invited Van Damme to a fight at the foot of the Al-Ahram, and the latter accepted the challenge, to continue what seemed to be an action-comedy series of funny comments exchanged between the two stars, which still enjoys great interaction on social media.


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