Tesla reveals the date of the launch of the fastest electric car in the world Video


Founder revealed Tesla Corporation Elon Musk has finally announced the arrival of the new Tesla Roadster, which is the fastest car in the world so far.

The long-awaited electric car is called from Tesla The title of “the fastest car in the world”, and it seems poised to break records, especially as it comes with a promise to run zero to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, a quick feat that will put more pressure on the best Car brands Supercars and supercars in the world, according to experts.

Elon Musk first talked about a new Roadster in 2011, and teased the next generation model in 2014 before it was officially announced in November 2017.

Musk says now, that the release date of the car Tesla The new Roadster will be in 2023, adding on Twitter: “2021 was a year of crazy shortages in the supply chain,” and he continued, “So it doesn’t matter if we have 17 new products.”


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