Terrifying details about a run-over accident in Egypt… a foot amputation and severe bleeding


During the past hours, social networking sites in Egypt caught fire with a shocking video documenting two people’s accidents Run over in the city of Faqous Al Sharqiya Governorate, in the north of the country

Medical sources revealed terrifying details about the health of the girl and her brother, who were run over by a car plumber before they went to the wedding of their uncle’s son in a village in the city of Faqous.

Girl’s foot was amputated

The sources told Al Arabiya.net that the 22-year-old girl, Kholoud M.’s leg, was amputated due to severe injuries, while her little brother, Abdullah, suffered severe abdominal bleeding and underwent several surgeries after separate injuries to the body.

She also added: “It turned out that the girl, who resides with her family in the village of Marazqa in the city of Faqous, had the largest share in the accident,” noting that she is still in the intensive care unit at Zagazig University Hospital.

It is noteworthy that the pioneers of the communication sites in Egypt were circulating a horrific video of a stray car that hit two people, who were standing next to a light pole in Sharkia Governorate, while its driver fled.

Accident details

In addition, the Ministry of Interior revealed the details of the incident, saying that the incident occurred in the city of Faqous during a wedding celebration.

She explained that a speeding car veered off its lane in one of the side streets after it broke off the steering wheel, and collided with two people who were standing next to a lamppost.

last friday

She also stated that it was found that the accident occurred last Friday, when she informed the Faqous Police Station from a hospital that she received a student with sporadic fractures, and her brother (a student also) had sporadic fractures, both of whom live in the center’s district.

In addition, the investigations revealed that the steering wheel was lost in the hands of the driver, who fled after the accident.

No license!

After legalizing the procedures, CID officers were able to seize the car and its driver, as it was found that he did not have a driver’s license. He confessed to the incident. He said that the car was in his possession for repairs and after the repair he drove it for a walk.

According to the Ministry of Interior, legal measures were taken and the accused was referred to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation.


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