Takla Shamoun reveals the details of her character in the series “The Innocent” | news


Actress Takla Shamoun revealed the details of her character in the series “The Innocent” through her account on the Instagram website.

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Chamoun said that her role in the series “The Innocent” is different from what she presented before, as she embodies the personality of a plastic artist and the mother of two girls whose husband died and she plays the role of a struggler in her country, where she is fighting antiquities theft in Lebanon.

She has a strong friendship with the character “Layla”, the heroine of the work, and receives her at her home at the beginning of the episodes.

It is noteworthy that the series “The Innocent” will be shown on the “Shahid” platform, starting on September 26, and starring Carmen Bsaibes, Takla Chamoun, Yorgo Shalhoub, Badi’ Abu Chakra and other elite Lebanese stars. The series is written by Maryam Naoum and directed by Ramy Hanna

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