Syrian actor Qusai Khouli advises young people for fame and money… Video


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The Syrian actor, Qusai Khouli, advised young people from his followers on social networking sites to exercise to maintain their health and gain fame and money.

In a video clip he posted, Syrian actor On his Instagram page, Khouli called on young people to exercise in order to maintain their health and get money and fame.

At the beginning of the clip, Khouli published a statistic picture of a number of sports stars and the amounts of money they own.

Khouli said in the clip, “We ate a hundred thousand insults and insults when we told our parents that we want to play sports, play football or karate. They would shout at us and tell us to go without a lack of mind, go do something with your help.”

He continued, “It is as if the parents were mistaken a lot, with my respect to the parents. I tell you, go play a sport, see what the sport is doing. It is the name, fame and health.

The clip received a large number of reactions, and the number of likes exceeded 14 thousand likes.


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