Surprise .. Delta overshadows all other Corona mutations in the world!


At a time when the mutant of the emerging virus is occupying the whole world, the World Health Organization revealed a surprise.

The organization announced that mutated delta Overshadowed by the three main worrisome mutations of corona in the world, which now constitute a very small percentage of the samples that are examined.

The organization’s technical official in combating Covid, Maria Van Kerkhove, said that “less than 1% of the currently circulating mutant are alpha, beta and gamma,” stressing that “the delta mutant is actually the tyrant around the world,” according to AFP.

“The strongest and most contagious”

Van Kerkhove also added during a live meeting via social media that Delta “has become stronger, more contagious and more competitive than other circulating viruses and replacing them,” noting that Delta has been monitored in more than 185 countries so far.

All types of viruses undergo mutation over time, such as “SARS-Cove-2”, which caused Covid-19.



It is reported that at the end of the year 2020, with the start of the emergence of mutations of Corona, which posed a greater danger, the World Health Organization By classifying them into interesting and troubling mutants.

5 different types

The United Nations agency also decided to name the emerging mutant to the letters of the Greek alphabet to avoid stigmatizing the countries in which they first appeared.

In addition to the four mutants of concern, there are also 5 different types of interest, but Van Kerkhove said three of them – eta, yuta and kappa – have been downgraded to control mutant.



She explained, “This is due to the change in prevalence. The interesting mutations were outnumbered by the worrying ones. She just couldn’t stand it.”


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