Sultan bin Khalifa: The sun of championships will not be absent from the Emirates


His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Advisor to His Highness the President of the UAE and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi International Marine Club, congratulated the Abu Dhabi Powerboat Team, and the Emirati champion, Thani Al Qamzi, after being crowned with the title of the first round of the Formula 1 World Championship, which was held yesterday in the city of San Nazzaro, Italy, with the participation and attendance of 18 boats.
His Highness spoke about the value of the achievement that accompanied the country’s celebrations of the fiftieth year, saying: “We are happy that the achievement coincides with the celebrations of the fiftieth year, and to be part of the Emirati giving in these days.”

His Highness stressed that the achievement of the son of the Emirates is a confirmation of the marine sports position that the Abu Dhabi team occupies at the global level through the various international tournaments in which it participates. With the permanent team’s presence in international forums and its ascension to the podiums, the sun of the championships will not be lost on the UAE marine sports.”

Thani Al Qamzi was crowned the first round title yesterday after a strong competition in the race that started from the second place at the beginning, where he started from the first place of the Italian Alberto Cambrato, taking advantage of his best time. He got from Al Qemzi, to benefit from the latter and advance to the front solo and crown himself as the champion of the first round, and the Abu Dhabi 1 boat led by Shawn Torrenty came in second place.

Al Qamzi’s victory strengthened the Abu Dhabi team’s chances of retaining the championship title for the fourth time in a row, and the chance to win the title for the eighth time in the team’s history.

On a related line, Khalid Al Midfa, President of the Sharjah Marine Sports Club, valued the results of the Sharjah Formula 1 Powerboat Team during its participation in the first round of the World Championship, with the Finnish team’s rider Sami Sileo in third place after the Emirati Thani Al Qamzi, who ranked first, and Shawn Torrenti, the second to decorate the flags. The UAE crowning platform for the opening round of the championship.

Khalid bin Jassim Al Midfa considered the results of the first round of the World Boats World Cup honorable in every sense of the word and reflect the interest and support provided by the UAE to its competitors to take the podiums in all international forums.

He praised the performance of the club’s team in the tournament and considered it a continuation of its previous career during its distinguished competitions in the World Cup, which reflected the team’s capabilities and ability to achieve results that befit the name and prestige of the Emirate of Sharjah.

Hariz Al Murr Muhammad bin Hariz, President of the Emirates Marine Sports Federation, praised the great support that marine sports find in the country from our wise leadership and the great interest of officials, which was positively reflected in the impressive results in various arenas and forums.

Hariz Al Murr congratulated the outstanding achievements of the UAE ambassadors in the World Powerboat Championship in the opening round, which witnessed a rare event by draping the UAE flag after Abu Dhabi boats 2 and 1 took first and second places, and the Sharjah boat 11 took third place, which is a pure Emirati joy.

He stressed that this brilliance reflects the brilliance of the UAE ambassadors in international forums and the continued successes in terms of participation in the world championship.


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