Study: The “Sinovac” vaccine is highly effective in combating the dangerous symptoms of “Corona”


A large Malaysian study revealed that the “Sinovac” vaccine against “Covid-19” is very effective in combating the serious symptoms of the disease, despite the fact that competing vaccines from “Pfizer-Biontech” and “AstraZeneca” have proven better rates of protection.

The latest data gives a boost to the Chinese manufacturer, whose vaccine is under increasing scrutiny over its effectiveness, after reports of injuries among medical personnel who received a full “Sinovac” dose in Indonesia and Thailand, according to Reuters news agency.

And health officials told reporters, yesterday (Thursday), that the study conducted by the Malaysian government showed that 0.011 percent of about 7.2 million who received the “Sinovac” vaccine needed treatment in intensive care units due to infection with “Covid-19”.

In contrast, 0.002 percent of about 6.5 million recipients of the “Pfizer-Biontech” vaccine needed to enter care units after infection, while the percentage was 0.001 percent of 744958 who received the “AstraZeneca” vaccine.

An official at the Clinical Research Institute who conducted the study with a Malaysian team tasked with addressing “Covid-19” said that vaccinations – regardless of the brand – reduced the risk of entering intensive care by 83 percent, and reduced the risk of death by 88 percent. Based on a smaller study of about 1.26 million people.

He added that the total rate of admission to intensive care units among fully vaccinated individuals decreased and reached 0.0066 percent. The death rate decreased among those who received the full dose of vaccination; It recorded only 0.01 percent and most of the deaths were those over 60 or those with chronic diseases.


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