Stocks decline for the second session… and liquidity touches two billion


Dubai: Anwar Daoud
The local stock markets continued their decline for the second consecutive session, amid strong pressures due to varying declines witnessed by most of the major shares in the banking, real estate, transportation and investment sectors. The Dubai Financial Market index fell 0.28%, while the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange index declined more sharply by 0.7%.
The rise of “International Holding”, “Emirates NBD” and “Etisalat” contributed to alleviating the decline in the face of the decline of “First Abu Dhabi”, “Abu Dhabi Commercial” and “Dubai Islamic”.
Market liquidity rose to two billion dirhams at 1.91 billion dirhams, with 380.1 million shares traded, executed through 9630 trading deals, distributed between 1.78 billion dirhams, with 297 million shares traded in the Abu Dhabi market, while the Dubai Financial Market recorded 133 million dirhams, with 83.3 million shares traded. . “Anan Investment” witnessed a large deal of 88.2 million dirhams, with 30 million shares traded, and “AXA Green Crescent Insurance” witnessed another deal of 19.3 million dirhams, with 56.1 million shares traded.
Dubai market
The Dubai Financial Market index decreased by 0.28%, equivalent to 8.2 points, to close at 2888.8 points, amid the decline in sectoral indices, led by transport, real estate and insurance.
The banking sector rose marginally by 0.05%, interacting with the rise of “Emirates NBD” by 0.35%, to close at 14.1%, with a trade of 17.8 million dirhams, while “Dubai Islamic” declined 0.19% to 5.03 dirhams, and “GFH” decreased by 1.07. %, “Ajman Bank” 1.11%, and “Amlak Finance” 3.54%.
The investment and financial services sector rose by 0.21%, after the “Dubai Investment”, the leading share in the index, rose 0.54% to 1.83 dirhams, while the “Dubai Financial Market” share closed at 1.1 dirhams, down 0.9%.
The real estate sector declined 0.60%, with the sector’s shares continuing to decline, led by “Emaar Properties” after it fell by 0.71% to 4.14 dirhams, “Emaar Malls” 0.48%, “Union Properties” 0.66%, and “Deyaar” 2.42%, While the share of “Emaar Development” alone increased by 0.25%.
The transportation sector decreased 1.33%, after the “Aramex” shares fell 1.3% to 3.79 dirhams, and “Air Arabia” 1.46% to 1.35 dirhams.
Insurance declined by 1.17%, amid a decline of “Salama” by 0.97%, “Aman” 1.88%, and “Dubai National Insurance” 9.5%, while “Takaful House” rose 2.85%.
Abu Dhabi market
The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange index fell at the end of the session by 0.7%, equivalent to 55 points, to close at 7,764.68 points, abandoning the level of 7800 points, and the index reduced its morning losses, which touched 1%.
The banking sector declined by 1.08%, with 4 stocks declining in the sector, led by “First Abu Dhabi” which fell 1.31% to 18.02 dirhams, with a circulation of 369.2 million dirhams, and “Abu Dhabi Commercial” 0.65%, and “Abu Dhabi Islamic” 0.18%, and “Abu Dhabi Islamic” Sharjah Islamic » 1.14%.
The investment decreased 0.72%, affected by the decline of «Alfa Abu Dhabi» 2.81% to 27.02 dirhams, with a trade of 205.2 million dirhams, and “Eshraq” 3.89% to 0.312 dirhams, while “International Holding” rose 0.14% to 146.3 dirhams, with a trade of 368.8 million dirhams.
Real estate declined 0.51%, after “Al Dar” closed down 0.48% to 4.18 dirhams, with a trade of 331.3 million dirhams, while “Sharjah Group” rose 14.7% to 3.43 dirhams.
Energy decreased by 1.15%, amid a decline of “ADNOC Distribution” by 1.8% to 4.37 dirhams, and “Energy” 0.77% to 1.29 dirhams.
The telecommunications sector rose 0.20%, after the “Etisalat Group” share rose 0.25% to 24.4 dirhams, with a trade of 81.8 million dirhams, while “Yahsat” declined 1.55% to 2.54 dirhams.
Citizen sales
Citizen investors in the two markets tended to monetize, as they recorded a sale proceeds of approximately 82 million dirhams, distributed between 74.5 million dirhams in the Abu Dhabi market, and 7.5 million dirhams in the Dubai market.
Non-Arab foreign investors tended to buy, with a sum of 60.3 million dirhams, of which 56.2 million dirhams were in the Abu Dhabi market, and 4 million dirhams in the Dubai market.
Gulf residents also recorded a purchase proceeds of 13.8 million dirhams in the two markets, and Arabs also recorded a purchase proceeds of 8 million dirhams.
The investment trends of the institutions in the two markets varied, after they recorded a sale proceeds in the Dubai market of 8.6 million dirhams, and a purchase proceeds in the Abu Dhabi market of 22.7 million dirhams.
Purchases by institutions in the two markets amounted to about 1.64 billion dirhams, compared to sales of 1.63 billion dirhams.


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