Sports in the time of the Taliban.. 400 games for men, provided they wear trousers


The new Afghan official in charge of sports, appointed by the Taliban, told AFP that 400 types of sports would be allowed in the country, but he declined to say what would be available to women.

“Please, don’t ask me more questions about women,” Bashir Ahmad Rostamzai, the new sports official in the Taliban, told AFP in an alarmed tone, while AFP noted that the former head of the Afghan Olympic Committee had fled the country, like the rest. members of the previous government.

The new sports official in the Taliban government defined himself as a former champion in wrestling and kung-fu, and that “he held the position of head of the Kung Fu Federation during the first rule of the Taliban, and later worked with the pro-Western government with which he disagreed because of rampant corruption,” he said.

The previous Afghan government had put Rastamzai in prison “because of his proximity to the insurgents”, and the movement released him after taking control of Kabul on August 15th.

The new sports official in Afghanistan saw that the Taliban movement has developed compared to the nineties of the last century, and pledged on its behalf to “develop sports everywhere in the country” and “not to limit it to men.”

He described the West’s fears of preventing women from practicing sports by saying: “This is all propaganda! We will not ban any sport,” noting that Afghans “will be able to continue practicing their favorite sports, such as football, cricket, martial arts and many more, Because more than 400 sports are permitted by Islamic law,” according to his opinion.

He revealed that the Taliban movement has one requirement regarding sports in the country, which is that “every sport is practiced according to Islamic law,” explaining that for men this means “covering their knees. So they only have to wear pants a little longer,” stressing that this applies to the All sports, including football.


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