Sotrovimab has proven to be very effective in treating “Corona” patients


The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA”, the largest health care network in the United Arab Emirates, confirmed that the drug “Sotrovimab”, which is the latest anti-viral treatment for “Covid 19” in the world, has proven very effective in treating people infected with the virus.

Anwar Salam, Executive Director of Medical Affairs at SEHA, said: SEHA represents the cornerstone of the health care sector in the country, and a pioneer in responding to the challenges of the “Covid 19” pandemic, and therefore we are qualified to provide modern services and treatment methods to members of our community, and under the supervision of The Abu Dhabi Department of Health, we rushed to treat “Covid 19” patients with the drug “Sotrovimab” as soon as it was approved for emergency use, as it proved its effectiveness and patients achieved excellent results after treatment in a short time.

For his part, citizen Saeed Salem Al-Amiri, who was infected with the virus earlier this year, said that he suffered from a high temperature, headache and body pain during his quarantine at home after the infection, and was quickly transferred to the intensive care unit in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, one of the SEHA network facilities, and after conducting the necessary tests and photos, the medical team prescribed treatment with the drug “Sotrovimab.” After starting the treatment, his temperature began to decrease and his general condition improved significantly, and he was discharged from the hospital within 3 days. After he was discharged, his mother and wife began to suffer from the same symptoms and pain, and they were transferred to the intensive care unit in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and treated with “sutrofimab”. As was the case with Saeed, their condition improved and they were discharged from the hospital fully recovered after 4 days.

Al-Amiri extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to the wise leadership, for its exceptional response to the pandemic, and said: I ask God Almighty to preserve the United Arab Emirates, its leadership and people, and to perpetuate their health, wellness and safety. I would also like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the entire medical team at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City for the great care they provided.

As for the citizen, Allawi Saleh Ali Al-Mansouri, he confirmed that the provision of the new treatment to “Covid 19” patients contributed to the improvement of his health condition after he was infected with the virus, and the start of taking the “Sutrovimab” drug, as after staying for a few days in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, it was confirmed that he recovered and was discharged from the hospital in good health. and wellness.

As for Mai Siddiq Mansour, an Arab resident who was also infected with “Covid 19”, she said that she received the medicine for a week, and she recovered completely to return to her normal life, thanks to God and His success. She commended the great efforts provided by the medical, technical and administrative cadres in SEHA.


Sotrovimab reduces the number of cases that require hospitalization for more than 24 hours, and reduces the number of deaths due to HIV infection by up to 85% when treated with it at an early stage of infection.



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