Solaf Fawakherji mourns her father with a touching message.. Her words made everyone cry


Syrian actress Solaf Fawakherji mourned her late father, film critic Muhammad Fawakherji, who died last Wednesday, with a moving message that she posted on her official account on Facebook, attached to a picture of him.

Solaf wrote, “What does it mean to enter the house and not see you? What does it mean to turn on you and not bless you? What does it mean to be conscious of my name in the morning from Tmk? What does it mean that the echo remains and your voice is absent? What does it mean that you are the owner of here, but the world is bored with your perfume.. What does it mean that time passes and my time does not take place and I carry your concern.. And what does it mean to be a hero, work as a boy as a hairdresser and shave you.. What does your watch mean when you do not have it in your hands.. What does your book mean and your library is cold… The rain hurt your soul, and it dried up.. the grapes are a sweet hero, and tears are red from them.. the cactus has increased the thorns of oppression and sorrow after you.. and the jasmine came to your absence, I can’t believe.. and then at the door waiting for you.. papa… I was a little lost… I miss your smell.. if I lived a lifetime Omarin, I need you.. and he will remain bakir and after bakir.. and I am not satisfied with you.”

The audience interacted with Solaf greatly, as comments poured in from her fans to console her, expressing their sympathy for her in this great and irreplaceable loss.


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