“Social Development” and “Resource Development” launch the electronic link of “Bahr Platform”


The Saudi Social Development Bank and the Human Resources Development Fund, at Delnee Business Center in Riyadh, launched today, Thursday, the electronic link of the (Bahr platform) to finance self-employment, through a free business access product, one of the bank’s products, with a financing ceiling of 60,000 riyals. .

The CEO of the bank, Ibrahim Al-Rashed, in the presence of the General Manager of the Fund, Turki Al-Jawini, launched the electronic link with the Bahr platform of the Nine Tenths Program.

The platform is an opportunity to enable young men and women to better practice their specialized work and obtain training, tools or techniques that enhance their productivity, as it is characterized by the presence of many specialists in various fields, thus allowing the largest number of professionals and companies to benefit from their services and work with them. Areas of specialization include (translation, marketing and sales, design and innovation, video and photography, law, writing and editing, accounting and consulting, engineering and construction, data analysis, digital marketing, software development, information technology and networking, customer service and administrative support operations).

It is noteworthy that the Social Development Bank provided financing to self-employed people amounting to 8.2 billion riyals, including 2.2 billion riyals, for the year 2022. The Social Development Bank, with its partners in the public and private sectors, provides many financial and non-financial products that will embody its development tasks In enabling and supporting the business sector and small investors.

It is noteworthy that the Nine Tenths Program, one of the initiatives of the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf), aims to change the work culture of individuals and society, by encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises, and enabling individuals to find new jobs in innovative ways.

The Nine Tenths Program provides several electronic platforms: Forsa, merchant applications, Zad, Bahar, Kanaf, merchant kiosks, Made in Saudi Arabia, and Atwar. The number of participants in the program has exceeded 300,000 since the program was launched on the twenty-fifth of August 2016. While the number of registered users on the Bahr platform has exceeded 70,000.


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