Sheep are innocent of Ronaldo’s departure from his palace


A source close to Cristiano Ronaldo has denied that the Portuguese star’s sleep was spoiled by the sounds of sheep, forcing him to leave his £6m Cheshire mansion less than a week later and move into a £3m house owned by former Manchester United player Andrew Cole.

The denial came after it was reported that the Portuguese star abandoned his 7-room mansion with 23 acres of land in Cheshire, due to the sounds of sheep, and moved to his new palace, which is located in the same area, and includes a swimming pool, a cinema and a garage large enough for four cars, and surveillance cameras. And electric gates and a security team, less than two weeks after his return to Britain.

A source told The Sun: “The first property is beautiful, and it is located in the middle of fields and forests, but it was also, close to the sheep that make a lot of noise in the early morning, and Ronaldo is a real professional who puts a lot of rest and recovery after the matches, so it was decided It is better for him and his family to move.”

While another source said to the same newspaper, that real estate agents have chosen Ronaldo’s new residence, because of the gardens that obscure the house from view, especially since Ronaldo hopes that once the fuss of his return to United ends, he can take his family out, and roam with them in the area that returns to life. It was his first time at United.



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