She tried to cut Sabah’s hair, slapped her in the face, and continued to sing until the last moment… Stories from the life of “Karwan Al Sharq” Fayza Ahmed | news


A sweet voice that presented the most beautiful melodies, songs that live among us to this day, is Fayza Ahmed, who came from Syria to Egypt to launch and innovate, and is nicknamed “Karwan Al Sharq”.

38 years have passed since the death of Fayza Ahmed, who presented a great artistic career, but she had many situations with her fellow artists, despite her tenderness, she was known for her extreme nervousness and entering into disputes with the stars because of what was written at the time in the press from rumors that caused artistic jealousy.

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On the anniversary of her death, which falls today, we remember situations from the life of Faiza Ahmed.

slap morning

There was a dispute between Sabah and Fayza Ahmed, and “Al-Shahroura” spoke more than once about this dispute, and said that she and Abdel Halim Hafez were always chosen at “City Lights” parties, and on the day Fayza Ahmed met them, she told them that they were chosen because of rumors written about them, But Sabah was annoyed when she said this, and described Abdel Halim as being like her brother, and that they chose to stage concerts because of their artistic success and not because of stories fabricated by the press.

The story did not end at this interview, so the late Sabah told on the “Last Who Knows” program that one day she was in the union and was doing rehearsals with the late artist Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and Fayza Ahmed entered and wanted to cut her hair, Abdel Wahab was afraid and entered a room and closed the door on Himself.

Sabah continues her story that she stood in front of Fayza Ahmed and slapped her in the face, rejecting what she says about her.

rose crisis

There was a state of incompatibility between Fayza Ahmed and Warda, due to abusive statements that were circulated by her about her, and there were those who were trying to set them up.

The crisis increased after what Anis Mansour wrote, who loved Fayza Ahmed very much and was writing a sharp opinion and criticizing Warda, to the extent that he said about her voice in one of his statements that it is a “jair.”

After a period of disagreements, Fayza Ahmed and Warda reconciled, and each of them expressed remorse because of the period in which they had differences without reason.

Love to sing until the last moment

Fayza Ahmed was committed to her love for life and singing, and even after her illness, she insisted on recording her last song.

Fayza Ahmed discovered that she had breast cancer, so she collapsed from the news and called the producer Mohsen Jaber and asked him to open the studio for her to record a song composed by Riyad Al-Sunbati, but he refused, fearing for her because of her poor health, which she was going through from the chemotherapy sessions.

A few days later, Mohsen Jaber was surprised by a call from the writer Musa Sabry asking him to open the studio and allow Fayza to record, and when the producer tried to evade in order to preserve her health, and after a number of calls that took place to open a studio on the radio, so that her last songs would be “No, my soul, I.”

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