“She found herself with him.” Sham Al-Dhahabi explains in the video her opinion of her stepfather, Asala, and responds to the criticisms of their association


Sham Al-Dhahabi, the daughter of the Syrian star Asala, was keen to comment on her mother’s marriage to the recently announced Iraqi poet, Faeq Hassan.

Sham Al-Dhahabi’s opinion of her stepfather, Faiq Hassan

Sham Al-Dhahabi also revealed her opinion of Faeq Hassan, her stepfather, and confirmed that he has several good qualities, the most important of which is that he is very affectionate to her mother, and she said: “I am very happy for Mama and happy that she met the person in her hands, how much love that she gives, because Mama is very loving, and all of them are feelings and all.” A feeling, and a very extreme one that resembles a lot of Mama with his feelings, feelings, kindness and the expansion of his heart.”

Sham praised the state of mutual love between her mother and Faeq Hassan, and confirmed that the duo give each other great and sincere feelings, and Sham also responded to the criticisms leveled at her mother, Asala, that she got married within a short period after her separation from Tariq Al-Arian, and Sham defended her mother and confirmed that Asala is a supporter of the school. When she falls in love, she quickly gets married.

Sham Al-Dhahabi responds to the criticism of Asala’s marriage shortly after her separation from Tariq Al-Arian

Sham Al-Dhahabi indicated that her mother always follows her sincere feelings and feelings, and despite her impulsiveness at times, she is always sure and has complete certainty of the sincerity of the feelings of the other party, so she does not spend a long period of time after the separation, and Asala’s daughter wished her mother happiness with her new husband and continued: ” She found herself with him, and O Lord, make them happy and prefer longevity. They love each other with the same love they are in now.”

Asala’s family congratulates her on her marriage to Faeq Hassan

And Sham had posted on her Instagram account yesterday, a picture of her mother, Asala, and her new husband, Faeq Hassan, and congratulated her mother on her marriage again, and wished her happy days. The sensitive person who I am sure, like you, is our beloved super, will exchange him the great love that you crush.. May God protect you and complete this life together with love, friendliness and sincerity.

Asala was keen to respond and interact with her daughter Sham’s post, and commented: “God preserves me, you, O light of my eyes, you are.” They congratulated her again, and wished them a happy new life with her husband.

The pictures are taken from the Instagram accounts of Asala and Sham Al-Dhahabi


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