Shakhbout Medical City successfully performs the first complex spinal deformity surgery


Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, one of the country’s largest hospitals in providing healthcare services for critical and complex cases, and the joint venture between Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” and “Mayo Clinic”, announced that it had successfully performed the first complex surgery to correct spinal deformity and scoliosis, in The young woman, Hoor Abu Bakr Yousef Al-Nayed, is a 16-year-old patient.

The surgery was supervised by Dr. Charbel Daoud Moslem, a veteran orthopedic and spine consultant, with the help of orthopedic specialist Mahmoud El-Sheikh, in completing the operation safely conducted by the orthopedic team at the Medical City in only three hours, where the anatomical correction was completed based on neuromonitoring with a guarantee Minimal blood loss during the procedure.

Dr. Musallam said that the team performed a large-scale T-shaped surgery down the patient’s cervical spine all the way to the lumbar spine, to ensure 100% correction of the deformity. The team succeeded in achieving a natural alignment of the vertebrae, which resulted in a complete straightening of the back. The next day, the patient was encouraged to walk, and her full recovery required spending only a few days in the hospital. Subsequently, the stitches were removed about three weeks after the surgery, and the patient resumed her normal routine between three and six weeks after the operation, including her physical activities and non-contact sports.

Dr. Musallam added: “The problems of spinal deformity, especially scoliosis, should be treated at a young age, as this surgery becomes very difficult in complex or severe cases when patients enter their twenties. Until the patient undergoes surgery, he also suffers from severe problems in estimation. As a result of the effect of this condition on the aesthetic shape of the body, death is considered one of the serious health consequences resulting from scoliosis of the spine, as a result of the gradual decline in the respiratory system due to the deformation of the chest wall and the ribs and the twisting of the spine, which affects the lung capacity and the decline in respiratory abilities year after year “.

The exact cause or direct cause of scoliosis is not known specifically, but there are several factors that may lead to the development of the condition, and they are usually divided into four subcategories that include congenital factors that cause the patient to be born with this condition, which is unknown, where relapse occurs spontaneously over time. There are degenerative factors caused by the development of scoliosis due to aging and osteoporosis, as well as neuromuscular factors that can develop, for example, in a person with cerebral palsy. The patient who underwent the operation in Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City was suffering from a case of scoliosis of unknown cause.

In turn, Hoor Al-Nayed said: “My spinal deformity was a very difficult experience and caused me low self-esteem, and after completing the operation I felt very relieved, as the pain continued to recede day by day, and now, I am completely ready to go out and face the world.



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