Sayed Kenawy’s story “Tarab El Ghalaba”… He achieved the dream of singing after 35 years with “Tatt and Jardal” and 5 million on TikTok | news


An iron chair, a copper “basin”, a plastic bucket and a wooden stick to knock on. Simple tools when you see them, you never think that a melody will come out of them, as if the player has trained on them for many years.

Sayed Kenawy is a simple man like other hundreds of Egyptians who run after their livelihood during the day, enduring all odds with his smile and song, and with the presence of social networking sites, Sayed Kenawy was able to draw the attention of the audience with his voice and his skilled playing on simple instruments, and he reaps 5 million views via TikTok.

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The dream of singing chases Sayed Qinawy, “Tarab El Ghalaba”, which is the title in which his videos spread, 35 years ago, he used to go to weddings and present the “point” so that he could hold the microphone, or “Hodeidah” as he is called and sing, waiting for long hours but no one cares With it, he returns sadly to his home.

But fate hid him a greater fame. After many years, Sayed Kenawy became famous on social media, and whoever forgot him yesterday is running after him today and wants him to participate in the weddings.

The story of “Sayed Kenawy” began one day after his work, and as usual, he grabbed the two pieces of wood and began to beat on his instruments that he was able to decorate, and sing to Ashraf Al-Masry, one of the popular singers he prefers, so the employer, “Al-Moallem Ahmed Abu Hamada”, suggested that he film and publish a video, Uncle Kenawy did not think that this video would meet this spread and be a good light for him.

Sayed Kenawy says that his dream came true after the spread of the video, whose views reached more than 5 million views. He did not expect all of this to happen, and he did not expect one day to enter Egyptian television and be hosted and interviewed.

“Sayed Qinawy” is a simple man who cannot read and write, father of 3 children, the oldest of whom is 19 years old named “Mahmoud” who helps him with work, “Karim” 14 years old helps his mother drive the vehicle she works on, and “Hajar” 6 years old dreams of learning And her fate will be different. Qinawy wakes up in the morning and rents a cart with her horse. He walks the streets until he collects some junk and sells them, and at the end of the day he pays 70 pounds for renting the cart, and he may have 80 or 100 pounds left with him.

Sayed Qinawy says about his life in his meeting with Shafki Al-Muniri on the “Ninth” program: “Whoever is satisfied with a little, he lived.

Sayed Kenawy hopes to enter with his simple instruments that he can only play, with a band to play and sing and realize the dream he always dreamed of.

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