Saudi news today.. Technology to travel from Riyadh to Jeddah in less than an hour.. and conditions for importing drones


Urgent newspaper monitors the most important news in Saudi Arabia today, Thursday, where a university professor revealed the advantages of the “Hyperloop” technology in reducing the travel time between the departure and arrival points, while the Riyadh police revealed the arrest of violators of the residence and work system, and to the details:

Cases of filing a labor lawsuit

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has enumerated the cases of filing a labor lawsuit, related to receiving the worker’s papers after the termination of his contract, and requesting his financial rights, explaining that the beneficiary in these cases can file a lawsuit through the friendly settlement service for labor disputes.

New details about technology «Hyperloop»

Assistant Professor at the College of Engineering at Taif University, Hamad Al Mujeba, explained that the “Hyperloop” technology reduced the travel time from Riyadh to Jeddah in only about 46 minutes, after the trip took more than an hour and a half, noting that the remarkable development of “Hyperloop” technology. It is a series of ideas, centered around a transportation concept that includes high-speed capsules to transport passengers in an evacuated tube.

A husband seizes a quarter of a million riyals from his wife

A citizen stole sums of money from his wife’s account without her knowledge, because he knew all her passwords and secret numbers, and according to the wife’s account, that she trusted her husband greatly and gave him the authority to conduct financial actions, so she gave him the secret numbers and her account numbers, but she was surprised to withdraw him more A quarter of a million riyals without telling her.

Recording angers students against a university professor

Social media circulated an audio clip that its publishers claimed was of a university professor, in which he admitted his bias towards female students at the expense of students, and tweets launched a hashtag in the name of “#University_doctor_oppresses_students” expressing their anger at what the university professor said, whose identity, date of registration, place, or authenticity of the registration has not been revealed.

Arrest of violators of the residence and work regulations

The media spokesman for the Riyadh police, Major Khaled Al-Kraidis, stated that the competent authority in the region’s police arrested (10) violators of the residency and work regulations, (4) of Syrian nationality, (4) of Bangladeshi nationality, and (2) of Palestinian nationality, who committed a crime. The criminal case consisted of stealing equipment and materials from sites and buildings under construction after monitoring the trucks transporting them and following them up using stolen vehicles.

Freeing a shark from a trap in the Red Sea

The Red Sea Development Company announced the release of a small shark stuck in an old trap, in the third accident of its kind in the region, noting that the company’s marine science and environment experts managed for the third time to free another small shark stuck in an old trap.

The requirement to import drones

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority stated that importing drones equipped with a camera and used in filming requires clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority.

A day is equal to the hours of night and day

The meteorologist, Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Harbash Al-Sakhry, said that the hours of night and day will be equal in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on Monday, 20 Safar 1443 – September 27, 2021, which is known as the autumnal equinox.

Al-Hussaini forecast Thursday and Friday weather

Weather and climate researcher, Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, expected a relatively hot and moderate daytime at dawn today, Thursday and tomorrow, Friday, noting that rains of varying intensity are expected on the heights of Al Baha, Asir, Jazan and the Empty Quarter.

Meteorology: 6 areas witnessing thunderstorms

The National Center of Meteorology warned of a mixed weather situation between surface winds and thunderstorms, in 6 regions during the coming hours. The Tabuk region, “Tima, open sites, highways”, is witnessing activity in surface winds;

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