Saudi Aramco reduces crude selling prices to Asian customers in October


Riyadh – Mubasher: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reduced the prices of light sweet crude oil for Asian customers next October compared to September 2021, despite stabilizing prices for Northwest Europe and the United States.

Saudi Aramco, according to Reuters, reduced the prices of light crude for delivery to Asia in October by $1.30 a barrel, a premium of $1.7 a barrel over the average of Oman and Dubai crudes, according to the company’s pricing document.

The price difference in September was at a premium of $3 per barrel, according to the agency.

Saudi Aramco kept the price difference for light crude to Northwest Europe unchanged, at a discount of $1.7 a barrel against Brent crude, and also kept the price difference for light crude to the United States unchanged at a premium of $1.35 a barrel against ASCI.

ورفعت Arab Light OSP to Asia in September 2021 By $3 a barrel above the average price of Oman and Dubai crude.


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