Saudi Arabia: The allegations that the Kingdom was behind the September 11 attacks are false scenarios, and we have nothing to hide


The Saudi newspaper, Okaz, published a report in which it spoke at length about the September 11 attacks and the charges against Riyadh.

The newspaper said that the American court in Manhattan rejected in 2018 the accusation of Saudi Arabia of involvement in the events of September 11 for lack of evidence, noting that Judge George Daniels in the Manhattan Court in New York State, USA, announced that all the allegations of the opponents against Saudi Arabia did not amount to evidence, and stories cannot be relied on. And rumors spread by the people or trying to be promoted by the compensation mafia.

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Saudi Arabia welcomes Washington's disclosure of secret documents on the September 11 attacks

She explained that accusing the Kingdom of being behind the 2001 bombings has become a monotonous marketing story that appears annually in the Western media as the anniversary of this terrorist operation that shook the world approaches.

And she reported that when US President Joe Biden signed a recent executive order directed to the Department of Justice and other relevant agencies to oversee the review of the declassification of documents related to the FBI investigations into the September events, he made the decision in accordance with the interests of the Democratic administration, which is living today in a state of defeat unprecedented in the history of the states The United States after its sudden and disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan last month, leaving the country as it was 20 years ago.

She stressed that Riyadh has dealt with transparency and clarity since the first day of the terrorist attacks of September 11, as it has nothing to hide, indicating that since the events of September 2001 until today, the Kingdom has remained on its firm and unchanged position.

“Okaz” stated that “the statement issued by the Kingdom’s embassy to the United States put the world once again before the kingdom’s constants, especially when it welcomed the disclosure of secret documents related to the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, those documents that President Biden directed to disclose, believing that The kingdom is apprehensive about that.”

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US: War Crimes Tribunal resumes trial of 9/11 mastermind

The Saudi newspaper stressed that the Kingdom’s leadership has always called for the continuous disclosure of all materials related to the attacks during the past 20 years, always calling for transparency regarding the tragedy of September 11, especially that previous investigations, including the September 11 commission, and the publication of the so-called “ 28 pages.” There was absolutely no evidence to suggest that the Kingdom’s government or any of its officials had prior knowledge of the terrorist attacks or were in any way involved in their planning or execution.

Since then, the fabricated narratives have differed and false visions multiplied, and the fact remains that any claim that the Kingdom was complicit in the September 11 attacks is false and unfounded, and this was confirmed by the administrations of the four former presidents of the United States, especially since the Kingdom condemned and denounced these crimes. The heinous, in the strongest terms, committed against its ally and partner America, according to the report.

Okaz pointed out that the previous declassification of materials related to the September 11 attacks confirmed the conclusion of the September 11 commission that the kingdom had nothing to do with this crime.

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Biden orders a study to declassify documents related to the September 11 attacks

She indicated that it is very unfortunate that such false allegations persist in light of the Kingdom’s continued support for the complete declassification of any documents and materials related to the United States’ investigation into terrorist attacks, in the hope that the full disclosure of these documents will lead to an end to the baseless allegations about Kingdom permanently.

She stated that the Kingdom was and will remain a major partner of the United States in the fight against terrorism, especially since Riyadh and Washington together confronted the “ISIS” organization in Iraq and Syria and inflicted heavy losses upon it, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS in Yemen.

At the conclusion of its report, the newspaper wrote: “It is the Tuwaiq Mountains that are not shaken by the wind. It is the kingdom of stability, transparency, and confidence. The new, old 9/11 allegations are outdated scenarios. False falsehoods. We have nothing to hide.”

Source: “Okaz”


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