Saudi Arabia ranks among the top innovative countries in providing government services


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was on the list of the highest innovative countries in providing government services, according to a recent report issued by the World Bank, and also at a time when the standard indicators of per capita GDP increased, as the World Bank ranked Saudi Arabia in the first group of leading countries in my field Providing services and interacting with citizens.

Saudi Arabia is among the top innovative countries in providing government services

Saudi Arabia was ranked in the list of the highest countries, due to the great support enjoyed by government agencies and the unlimited support in the technical field, which directly helped in the progress of these government agencies and their excellence in providing digital government services, and their ability to interact with citizens with high quality.

Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Suwayan, Governor of the Digital Government Authority, said that the progress of government agencies in developing digital services and keeping pace with modern technologies is in accordance with the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

According to the World Bank (Joof-Tech) report, Saudi Arabia came among the group of the highest developed countries in the world, after measuring the extent of the provision of digital government services and interaction with citizens, as well as measuring government digital transformation according to four main indicators and more than 48 sub-indicators.

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working towards digital transformation and also the use of modern technologies, and recently, the Deputy Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission for the Information Technology and Emerging Technologies Sector, Raed Al-Fayez, announced that after conducting studies on the most prominent emerging technologies that had a significant social and economic impact, Technology occupied Blue Kitchen ranks first among these technologies.

The Communications and Information Technology Commission expects the information technology sector and emerging technologies to grow the blockchain technology market faster in Saudi Arabia from now until 2025, at a rate that may exceed 41 percent.

In Saudi Arabia, a workshop was held entitled “Blockchain Technology, Its Effects on Digital Transformation”, organized by the Communications and Information Technology Commission, and a group of local and international experts participated, and this workshop aims, according to Al-Fayez, that the authority intends to adopt emerging technologies in the information technology market.

Blockchain technology

The size of the information technology market in Saudi Arabia reached 65 billion riyals in 2020, an increase of 10% compared to 2019, and there are expectations that the market size will continue to grow at an annual rate of 10%, exceeding the 100 billion riyals barrier by 2025.


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