Saudi Arabia is preparing to host the first international gathering in attendance


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          <p>Next October, Saudi Arabia is preparing to host the first international gathering with an actual presence since February 2020. This will be when the fifth edition of the "Future of Investment" initiative, which is world-renowned, will be held, in which the focus will be on the most important topics for the benefit of humanity, according to him. Richard Attias, CEO of the Future Investment Initiative.

While it was confirmed that 200 international speakers and more than 1,300 international participants will attend Riyadh, Atias revealed that the “Future Investment Initiative” Foundation will work to provide facts and figures in the framework of launching several indicators to help government policy makers and the private sector to support investment in the future of humanity.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Atias stressed that the information issued by the indicators will help allocate more budget to the main sectors, led by health care, and work on comparison with other countries and government initiatives, explaining that in the next three months, the institution’s priority will be to launch multiple studies, Publishing various reports and surveys that affect decision-making.

Atias said: “We seek to host talks and conferences, with a focus on actual attendance during our next event in September in New York, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.”

Atias disclosed that the Foundation has started investing in emerging projects within the framework of the five interests of the “Initiation Initiative Investment” Foundation, which are: artificial intelligence, robotics, education, sustainability, and health care.
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