Saudi Arabia is a country of peace since its establishment.. its approach is clear to all


The Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Mouallimi, affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since its establishment, and it is a state of peace, has been, is and will remain a state of peace. The culture of peace is clear to all.

This came in the Kingdom’s speech before the United Nations General Assembly, delivered today by Ambassador Al-Mouallimi at the high-level event held on the “Culture of Peace”.

He expressed his thanks to the President of the Assembly for organizing this high-level forum, and for providing the opportunity for Member States to renew their commitments to the full and effective implementation of the United Nations Program of Action on a Culture of Peace, with a special focus on addressing the multiple dimensions of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

And he said: God Almighty says in the Noble Qur’an: “O you who believe, enter all into peace.” This noble verse that calls for peace and peace affirms that the tolerant Islamic faith establishes the values ​​of pluralism among peoples; To spread the culture of peace and dialogue among the followers of different civilizations and societies, acceptance of the other, and the belief that diversity and difference are the nature of human and societies distinction, in which there is no difference between belief and religion, nor between color and language, nor between race and gender.

He explained that consolidating peace was the reason for the existence of the United Nations and its pivot to achieve the lofty goals stipulated in its charter, the most important of which are maintaining peace and security, and saving future generations from the scourge of wars that have brought unspeakable sorrows on humanity.

Ambassador Al-Moualli added: The world today, over the course of a year and a half, has been exposed to a great challenge of another kind that we have not witnessed before, represented in the Covid-19 pandemic, before which we stood united towards steadfastness and recovery, and this pandemic has proven to all of us the importance of the role of culture. Peace and the need for it, especially in times of crisis, to face such challenges, and that if we had not embraced this culture that was established by this organization, we would not have witnessed this cooperation and concerted efforts and generous humanitarian support to address the pandemic, and here we are today, thanks to the work of multilateralism established by the culture of peace, we cross this stage We will hold the 76th session of the General Assembly at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

And he added: Since its establishment, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a state of peace, has been, is and will remain a state of peace, its approach is based on peace, and its guiding light calls for the promotion of peace, and the Kingdom’s efforts to promote a culture of peace are clear to all, and are reflected in many initiatives The most recent of which is Assembly Resolution No. A/RES/75/258 entitled “Promoting a Culture of Peace and Tolerance for the Protection of Religious Sites,” submitted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the support of brotherly and friendly countries, and adopted unanimously on January 26, 2021 AD.

He pointed out that the Kingdom established the King Abdullah International Center for Dialogue between Followers of Religions and Cultures in Vienna in 2012, as the center represents a historic breakthrough towards a meaningful and responsible human dialogue that seeks to enhance commonalities between followers of religions, noting that the Kingdom established the World Center To combat extremist ideology (Etidal), where it monitors, analyzes and anticipates extremist thought to confront, confront and prevent it, and cooperates with governments and relevant organizations, and its goal is to be the first reference in the world in combating extremist ideology and promoting a culture of moderation.

At the end of the speech, Ambassador Al-Mouallimi stressed that the changes that the world is facing in its various forms impose on us the need to strengthen the role of the United Nations and to promote a culture of peace that is based on the elements of non-violence, respects the basic rights of human beings and the freedoms of others, and affects a large number of aspects of human life, peoples’ cultures and behavior and its values, which it has acquired throughout its long history and its numerous humanitarian practices. ?


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