Saudi Arabia agrees to the Saudi Personal Data Protection Regulation to maintain privacy


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced its agreement to implement the Saudi Personal Data Protection Regulation; As the Saudi government, headed by Crown Prince King Salman, always strives to achieve maximum comfort for the Saudi citizen, and accordingly, the Kingdom announced the start of its implementation of the protection system in its last session, which was on last Tuesday, September 14, 2021, and the decision included the formation of special mechanisms to Controls all data for Saudi citizens.

Saudi Personal Data Protection System

The Kingdom announced one of the most important decisions regarding its citizens; As it decided to implement the Saudi personal data protection system and officially announced this issue on Tuesday 7 of Safar 1443, meaning that it announced it two days ago, and the mechanisms of this system and the preventive measures that will be followed, as well as on how to process and preserve citizens’ data technically, will begin. .

  • Strict measures and decisions will be taken to preserve the personal data of citizens.
  • Processing of users’ data will be done through an automated method.
  • It works to preserve the data, whether it is paper or electronic data, and when using the data, its privacy will be preserved.
  • The data will be collected in an organized and orderly manner, and then controls for its use will be established.
  • The system sorts the damaged files, broadcasts them, corrects any errors, and adds them to their own files.

Features of the personal data protection system

From the beginning of Saudi Arabia’s announcement that it had agreed to the data protection system and the start of many Saudi citizens to search for the advantages of this system and its advantages as follows:

  • It greatly preserves personal data and does not expose it to any violations or theft under any circumstances.
  • It will save all data, no matter how large, for any individual in Saudi society.
  • The Saudi government has issued penalties for anyone who may be tempted to violate or steal anyone else’s data.
  • Established laws and rules for private data preservation.

Here we have reached the end of our article. Saudi Arabia agrees to the Saudi personal data protection system to preserve privacy, through which we have provided all the details related to the subject and we hope that we have helped you.


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