Saudi antiquities carved in rocks dating back to prehistoric times


rock carvings

photo released, AFP

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The erosion of parts of those inscriptions carved in the rocks added to the difficulty of the researchers’ task in determining their age

A recent study said that a group of rock-carved works that embody the shape of a camel in the Saudi desert may be the oldest giant carvings of animals in the world.

These sculptures were first discovered in 2018, and researchers estimated their age at about two thousand years at that time.

The estimate of the age of these giant inscriptions was based on the similarity between them and the inscriptions discovered in the Jordanian city of Petra, but the new study estimates the age of these monuments to be about 7000 to 8000 years.

Estimating the age of the rock sculptures presents a major challenge to researchers. In contrast to the murals inside the caves, there are no organic elements that can be used as samples. Also, these huge rock carvings are rare in the region.


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