Saudi Ambassador: We support Egypt and Sudan in the file of the Renaissance Dam


Ambassador Osama Al-Naqly, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Egypt, said that relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia are getting stronger, thanking President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the Egyptian people and state institutions for congratulating the Kingdom on the National Day.

He added, during an intervention with the media, Ahmed Moussa, on the program “On My Responsibility” broadcast on Sada Al-Balad channel, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia postponed the celebration of the National Day due to the Corona pandemic.

He continued: We held the celebration of the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the embassy amid precautionary measures, and we were pleased with everyone who was honored to participate in the celebration.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Osama Al-Naqli, stated that President Sisi and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in their last meeting, were distinguished by cordiality and respect, as they seek to strengthen relations between the two countries.

He stressed that relations during the reign of King Salman and President Sisi witnessed a strengthening of cooperation in all fields, stressing that Saudi Arabia has a clear and supportive position for Egypt in the Ethiopian dam crisis.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia stresses the need to reach a binding and legal agreement in the Ethiopian dam crisis and supports the position of the two sisters in the Ethiopian dam crisis, explaining that Egypt and Sudan are keen that Ethiopia also benefit from the dam.

And the ambassador continued: I visited the administrative capital more than once and saw the size of the achievements being made in it, and I visited the northern coast and the city of El Alamein and saw the miracles that happen there and “I live” with the Egyptians in the achievements made by President Sisi, stressing that the axes of new roads in Egypt are an achievement that contributes to Reducing time and distances and facilitating the process of transporting goods.


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