Sarah Al-Kindi’s divorce from Ahmed Al-Enezi took place with the consent of both parties.. Here are the details


The oldest social media celebrity and Saudi activistAhmed Al-Anzi​Kuwaiti fashinista freeSarah Al-Kandari​, to publish the document of “dismissing her” through his personal page on the social networking site.
The document published by Al-Enezi shows that he takes her off by saying: “Oh Ahmed, forbid me to give up the maintenance of the waiting period, the pleasure and the marital alimony.”
The document, which was issued on 15 September, at the Ministry of Justice in the State of Kuwait, reveals that this divorce is the second between them, and that according to what was mentioned, the wife is considered a second divorce from her husband, and she is not permitted to him except by a new contract and dowry with her permission and consent. .
On the other hand, Al-Enezi asked his wife not to mediate between anyone, indicating that he ended her exit from his life completely through the “block” feature.
Al-Enezi indicated that he did not want to have any dealings between him and his daughter’s mother, asking her to resort to the law if she wanted something from him.


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