Samsung Galaxy W22 2021 price and specifications


It is considered Samsung Galaxy W22 One of the latest types of phones produced by Samsung, this phone features many capabilities that are not found in any competing mobile device. Pixel and as for the processor, it is from the fifth generation and the latest at all. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the phone, as well as the price. Follow us.

Samsung Galaxy W22 2021 price and specifications

phone features Samsung Galaxy W22

There are many features in the new Samsung phone and now we will explain them as follows:

  • First, the phone has a fingerprint feature.
  • The operating system of the phone is a system Samsung The usual Android 12
  • The phone supports ultra-accurate location determination.
  • The phone supports the bluetooth feature.
  • It also supports Wi-Fi.
  • The phone has an FM radio feature.
  • The size of the phone is considered average, with a size of 227 grams.
  • As for the thickness of the phone, it is 8.9 mm, and the length of the phone is estimated at 165, the width is 75.6
  • The phone has a pen feature.
  • There is a personal assistant phone provided by Samsung phones.
  • You can connect the device to any screen you want.
  • As for the number of slides, it is estimated at two.

The most important specifications of the Samsung phone

  • Samsung Galaxy W22 supports all types of modern and old mobile networks.
  • The materials in which the handset is made are of high quality and are water and dust resistant.
  • The phone’s memory is of 3 types, the first of which is 128 GB, a memory with a capacity of 256 GB, and there is also a memory of 512 GB.
  • The phone cannot be added to any external memory.
  • The phone screen also has a night mode feature.
  • The processor of the new Samsung phone is an octa-core processor.
    The battery capacity is 7000 mAh.

Colors and price for Samsung Galaxy W22

  • As for the colorsAvailable for the phone are black and silver silver and you choose the color that suits you.
  • The price of the modern phone Samsung is estimated at 2,399 US dollars.
  • While its price in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was 8,970 Saudi riyals.


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