Saad nights or no one


Colleague Layal Saad was prevented from entering the presidential palace to cover the discussion session and approval of the ministerial statement, after the confusion that occurred about a month ago in Baabda Palace, where she asked Saad, “Aoun, a Bedouin talking?” This led to a verbal exchange between her and one of the officials in the palace. After that, Al-Jadeed channel issued the following statement:

Al-Jadeed channel was informed of an official decision from Baabda Palace to prevent colleague Layal Saad from entering the palace to cover the activities of President Michel Aoun, and she was advised to appoint another colleague.
We are pleased to inform the Baabda Palace in turn that Al Jadeed TV does not have any other branch.. It will not assign any colleague to replace Layal Saad, although many colleagues of high professional calibers are able today to cover and fill the air with the best of what they have experience in this field over the years.
It is no longer about an alternative, but rather a battle that has become at the core of freedoms and the transformation of Baabda into a tool for suppressing words and existence.
In this regard, it is advisable to amend the terms of the ministerial statement to include a paragraph on this devastating repression that only accepts the traditional stereotype, such as long live the redeemed leader.
And based on the Baabda decision, the new confirms its concern for the dignity of colleagues in one phrase that the presidents know before their advisors: Saad nights or no one.
Accordingly, we declare our boycott by sending delegates to cover the activities of the Baabda Palace, and we are satisfied with what is reported by the official media if it is necessary.
And in the face of this state of banning us, the new one finds itself compelled to file a lawsuit against those concerned in Baabda Palace, which is considered a palace for all the people.
The law did not prohibit a Lebanese citizen from entering any official institution, except for those to which it is not possible to enter due to national security requirements.”


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