Russian crew heads to outer space to shoot first “space” movie


Early next month, two astronauts and two film professionals will head to the International Space Station to shoot the first movie in outer space.Russian filmmakers said, on Thursday, that a Russian crew, which includes two astronauts and two film specialists, is scheduled to go to the International Space Station on October 5 to shoot the first film in outer space, on board the Soyuz MS- spacecraft. 19.

The launch of this crew, to the International Space Station, which orbits around the Earth at an altitude of about 354 km, comes just weeks after the launch of the first full civilian crew into space aboard a rocket and capsule developed by SpaceX, which adds an element to the decades-long competition in the field of space. Spaceflights between Russia and the United States.

“This film is about the story of an ordinary person … a doctor who has nothing to do with space exploration and who has never thought about it, is offered to travel to the International Space Station,” actor and director Klim Shipenko said at a press conference before the film crew left for the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. …and saving an astronaut’s life,” according to Reuters.

The two professional astronauts on the crew will also appear in the film.”I’m not going to star in it, but I still need to figure out how to make a movie in an unusual place like outer space,” said cosmonaut Commander Anton Shkaplerov.

Actress Yulia Peresild said she learned how to be a make-up artist and fashion designer for herself.

Source: Russia Today


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