Run more than one WhatsApp on mobile for Android and iPhone


If you have two SIM cards on the same phone, and you want to run more than one WhatsApp on one device, we invite you to read our following lines in which we explain how to operate two different WhatsApp numbers on the same mobile, whether it is Android or iPhone so that you can easily send free messaging from any No. you have.

Run more than one WhatsApp for Android or iPhone

All modern versions of mobile phones support the installation of two SIM cards, which is a feature that should be exploited. You may prefer to use your personal number with your close friends, while you use your second number to communicate with colleagues and bosses, and in this case you will need to run more than one WhatsApp on your mobile to be able to chat Written, audio and video with everyone, and you may now be wondering how to open two WhatsApp accounts in one Android device?

The first method is by copying the WhatsApp program

Some Android phones offer special copies of applications, from which you can copy or duplicate WhatsApp as follows:

  1. Go to the home page of your phone.
  2. Long press on WhatsApp.
  3. With this click, you will either see “Uninstall or the option to repeat”.
  4. Drag the WhatsApp icon to Create Dual apps i.e. Repeat option.
  5. Click Turn on to confirm the WhatsApp copy.
  6. A second copy of WhatsApp will appear with a distinct green icon on your phone.
  7. Log in to it and activate your second number to be ready to use.

It should be noted that if your phone does not support the duplicate feature, you can download an external duplicate program from Google Play, and the most famous of these programs is Parallel Space, through which you will be able to clone any application.

Run more than one WhatsApp on mobile for Android and iPhone
Run more than one WhatsApp on mobile for Android and iPhone

The second method is through the WhatsApp GPO or Plus application

WhatsApp GPO, Plus, Blue or WhatsApp Gold are all modified versions of the official WhatsApp, and users can use them with their advantages that allow you to activate more than one WhatsApp number on your Android phone or iPhone, all you have to do is go to the official website of the version you want to install On your phone, then download the multiple version, and you can also use the modified WhatsApp with the official WhatsApp without any interference between the two applications on the phone, but you will activate each program with a special number, and thus you can run more than one WhatsApp for one phone.

Finally, we will not forget the WhatsApp Business application, as it is a safe, easy and fast application that can be installed on Android phones or iPhones to be used alongside the regular personal WhatsApp, and therefore more than WhatsApp will be running.
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