Royal source: Prince Charles ‘destroyed’ to see Harry’s daughter Lillibit


Royal source: Prince Charles ‘very much would like’ to see Harry’s daughter Lillibit

Thursday – 8 Safar 1443 AH – 16 September 2021 AD

Prince Charles and his son Harry (Archive – AFP)

London: «Middle East Online»

A royal expert has confirmed that Britain’s Prince Charles would very much like to see his new granddaughter, Lillibit Diana, the daughter of his son Prince Harry.
According to the British newspaper “Express”, royal expert Nick Boleyn said, “Tensions in the royal family have left Prince Charles “very sad.” Which made him feel a strong desire to meet his youngest granddaughter.”
“Prince Charles wants his family to be reunited, and for everyone to see each other, which can take away so much of his grief,” Boleyn added.
Pauline ruled out the presence of Harry and his family to the United Kingdom any time soon, noting that the earliest opportunity is the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (the seventieth anniversary of her rule), which will take place in early July (July) next year.
“I think the Queen’s platinum jubilee will be the perfect opportunity for a family reunion,” the royal expert said. If Harry, his wife Meghan and their two children attend this occasion, Prince Charles will feel a lot of support, and everyone will do well to make the Queen happy on this occasion.”
About two months ago, an informed source confirmed that Queen Elizabeth invited Harry and his wife to attend the platinum jubilee ceremony in a move that some said was an attempt by her to extend an olive branch to her grandson, whose relationship with the royal family has been strained in the recent period.
The source indicated that the Queen “is very much looking forward to seeing Harry and his family.”
According to the source, Harry and Meghan are expected to witness the traditional parade that usually begins at this celebration, which will include more than 1,400 parade soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians, all marching in a procession starting from Buckingham Palace, joined by members of the royal family in horse-drawn carriages.
But it is not known if the couple will be standing on the palace balcony alongside the Queen and other senior royals to watch the RAF parade, which often ends in celebration.
“The people who will stand on the balcony will be decided shortly before the celebration, but there is a limit to the number of family members that must be in it, and I believe that working family members who contribute to royal duties will have priority in this matter,” the source said.
Two weeks ago, a press source said that British Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle had recently asked to meet Queen Elizabeth, amid the royal assistants’ astonishment at the “audacity of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”
The British newspaper, The Sun, quoted the source as saying that Harry and Meghan would like to see the Queen with their daughter, Lillibit Diana, who was born on June 4, and who the Queen has never seen.
However, the source indicated that the interview has not yet been agreed upon, and that this request left the Queen’s aides “shocked and amazed at the boldness of Harry and Megan,” who conducted an interview months ago with the American media, Oprah Winfrey, in which he criticized the royal family.
Harry, 36, and Meghan Markle, 39, stepped down from their royal duties last year and moved to California.


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