Rogina reveals the person behind her success in the series “Bint Al Sultan”


The Egyptian actress revealedRoginaAfter being honored for the series “Bint Al Sultan”, her daughter Maryam played a major role in reaching this result, by helping her prepare for most of the scenes she presented, through her personal page on the social networking site.
Rogina published a picture that she collected with her eldest daughter, Maryam, during the honoring, and commented on her, saying: “Every one of these honors is about my role in the “Bint Al Sultan” series. Every shot feels without you talking, I am a cup, nor do I prepare you with me for every small or big detail.
Rogina concluded her speech by saying: “If I would have preferred all my life, I would like to thank you a little for the love, fear and great support. Until now, every honor will be by your side. Your hand is in the hands of my joy. I will be proud of you and satisfied with you, my daughter of my life, my first joy.”


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