Researchers claim that a specific herb “reduces cholesterol” and reduces blood sugar level within two hours!


Type 2 diabetes is often overlooked as a benign condition, although researchers warn of the myriad complications that the disease can entail — some of which are life-threatening.

As with most cases, dietary choices are a strong determinant of diabetes. One herb, which has powerful anti-diabetic effects, can help stave off signs of diabetes.

Sage leaves, popularly known as ‘sagebrush’, have long been used as a treatment for diabetes, as research suggests they can help lower blood sugar levels.

A study looking at the link between the herb and diabetes found that sage extract reduced blood glucose levels in mice by activating a specific receptor.

Other studies in humans have confirmed these findings.

A clinical trial of 80 people with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes found that after two hours of fasting, people who ate sage had significantly lower blood sugar levels when compared to a control group.

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Once the receptor is activated, the researchers note that the receptor removes excess fatty acids in the blood, possibly helping to improve insulin sensitivity.

A study in mice with type 2 diabetes found that the herb works in a similar way to metformin – a drug prescribed to control blood glucose.

In humans, this herb has been found to have similar effects to rosiglitazone, another anti-diabetic drug that lowers blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity.

The researchers concluded that sage may benefit diabetic patients to reduce glucose after only two hours of fasting.

While the increasing rates of diabetes are cause for concern, the condition has been found to have strong links with high cholesterol.

High cholesterol can put individuals at risk for heart disease, but the harmful nature of the condition makes it difficult to diagnose.

However, the majority of existing cholesterol-lowering medications have adverse side effects that prevent many from taking them.

This prompted researchers to search for alternative ways to treat the condition, with diet being at the forefront of preventative measures.

Some investigations revealed that what sage does for diabetes, it may also do with cholesterol.

Studies have found that when sage is taken three times a day for two or three months, sage reduces bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol.

One study, including 67 participants, found that total cholesterol levels decreased by 19.6% after two months.

Furthermore, the results showed an improvement in all cholesterol markers with sage supplement.

The researchers concluded that sage leaves can be offered as an alternative treatment for high cholesterol, of course, after consulting a specialist.

Source: Express


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