Report: “World Health” will start a new investigation into the origins of “Corona”


The World Health Organization will launch a new investigation into the origins of the Corona virus to examine whether it came from the Chinese laboratory of Wuhan, according to a new report published by the Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, a new team of experts will be appointed, including experts in how viruses spread between humans, and experts in biosecurity, laboratory safety, and genetics.

The researchers will look at whether the virus leaked from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, at the end of 2019 – a claim denied by Beijing, which also wants the World Health Organization to examine whether the virus originated in another country.

A WHO spokesman said that “the priority of the new team should be access to all the necessary data in the country where the virus was first reported.”

A team of international experts sent by the World Health Organization visited Wuhan in January 2021. Their report, drawn up in cooperation with Chinese experts, did not allow a final conclusion on the origin of the virus.

However, the report indicated that the transmission of the Corona virus to humans through an animal is a “probable to very probable” hypothesis, in contrast to a “complete exclusion” of the hypothesis of the virus leaking from a laboratory.

The experts, some of whom said they did not have enough room to work freely during their four-week stay in China, stressed the “necessity of further investigations involving a greater geographical scope.”

And the latest data available on the American “Johns Hopkins University” website showed that the total number of cases of “Corona” around the world reached 231 million and 848 thousand cases.

The data also showed that the total deaths rose to four million and 748 thousand cases.

The collected data indicated that the total number of vaccines against “Corona” that were administered worldwide exceeded six billion and 89 million doses.


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