‘Report’: iOS 15.1 1st beta can see SharePlay soon


SharePlay is back in beta from iOS 15.1 , according to 9to5Mac, after Apple delayed a major iOS 15 feature to “later this fall” rather than releasing it along with the operating system upgrade as planned. It’s not the only feature that hasn’t been launched yet, but it could come in handy during the ongoing pandemic – it lets you watch videos, share your screen, or listen to music with other people over a FaceTime call. Its presence in the new beta may indicate that it may come sooner rather than later, although that’s not a sure thing.

MacRumors reports that beta 15.1 also allows users to add a COVID vaccine card to the Wallet app once they’ve been added to Health. Similar to how Google’s version of this feature works, you’ll have to get vaccine information from your medical provider or your state’s health care system before you can add it to your phone.

Apple says the feature uses the SMART Health Card format, which is currently supported by a few countries and some major vaccination providers.

The list includes states like California, Hawaii, New York, and Louisiana, as well as pharmacy providers like CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart.

These features appearing in the iOS 15.1 beta don’t necessarily mean they will be in the latest version of iOS 15.1 – after all, SharePlay was introduced during the iOS 15 beta, but was later removed.

However Apple still says SharePlay will ship “later this fall,” there’s only so much time left for that (plus it would be a little weird if it was removed from another beta). The vaccine card feature will be included in an “upcoming software update,” according to the company, so it’s likely beyond that.


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