Report confirms iPhone 14 series support with major design changes


This topic was written by Sultan Al-Qahtani – A new report published by Bloomberg today confirmed that Apple plans to make drastic changes in the design of the upcoming versions of the iPhone 14 series, and also adds a new low-cost version next year.

The recently announced iPhone 13 series was launched for a number of markets already, and again the leaks are now heading to the next generation of iPhone phones, and the first 3D images that reveal the expected design of the upcoming iPhone 14 series have already appeared.

And the three-dimensional images confirm that the iPhone 14 series comes with major changes in the design, and on top of it comes a sensor for the front camera that comes in a hole in the middle of the screen, which was also confirmed by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Reports also indicate that Apple is heading to switch Face ID technology to recognize the face with the fingerprint sensor, which comes in the side frame of the phone, so the iPhone 14 series will not include a fingerprint sensor built into the screen.

The rear camera in the phone also comes with a new design built into the back directly, a design previously introduced by Apple in the iPhone 5s.

On the other hand, the leaks confirm that all versions in the iPhone 14 series come with 120 Hz LTPO OLED screens.

It is expected that the upcoming versions of the iPhone will come for the first time with a rear camera sensor higher than 12 mega pixel camera, as some leaks indicated that Apple supports the iPhone 14 series with a 48 mega pixel sensor, and the sensor supports pixel integration of a larger 2.5 µm size.

On the other hand, a Bloomberg report indicated that Apple will offer next year a new version of low-cost phones, as “Mark Gurman” indicated that the upcoming phone is a new version of the iPhone SE, provided that this version comes in Apple’s old language in the design of iPhone phones, It also includes an LCD screen and is scheduled to support connection to 5G networks.



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