Reham Saeed from the hospital bed very much needs your prayers, news video


09/26 21:32

The media, Reham Saeed, published a video of her from inside the hospital where she was receiving treatment, after announcing her infection with the Corona virus, on her Facebook page.

Reham Saeed thanked her fans and followers and asked them to pray and wrote a comment on him, “I do not know how to thank you for your prayer. From above”.

Reham Saeed had announced that she was infected with the new Corona virus, and revealed the developments of her health condition through her account on the social networking site Instgram.

And Reham Saeed wrote: “I said two weeks ago, I suffered from Corona, thank God, the lung was affected and I was booked in the hospital from a strange feeling, and you have a fatal need to retreat yourself a lot and hold yourself accountable a lot, but I never intended, the purpose was always to benefit others and to show the truth.”

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And she added: “Thank you, Lord, for your love for him, and thank you for your many trials that indicate your interest in me. If this is the end, Lord, best my conclusion and count for me every work I did for your honorable face, Lord, you are the only one who knows what I did, and my intention was always what .. I endured and was patient.” Much falsehood and unfairness.”

And she continued: “Oh Lord, forgive me and forgive me and keep your mind from my children if this is one of your tests and I am still in the rest of my life. O Lord, heal me and stand beside me and ease my ordeal for me. I am satisfied with anything.”

And she concluded: “A piece of advice for everyone who attacks a famous or successful person, you are taking a terrible sin, you take from our nerves and our health, and it is all wrong. Keep away from this harm. This is very bad and you will sit for you in your dearest. Please pray for the good. Why is it?”

And Reham Saeed recently announced her willingness to participate in a new project, which she considers a surprise to the audience, and last month she published her picture with a new look in which she appeared with short blond hair, making her features look different, after the audience used to appear with long, flowing hair for years, during her television work, and commented: “Surprise.” The one who is coming is the best, thank you, Lord.

It is noteworthy that Reham Saeed announced her decision to retire from media work and return to acting, content with what she presented in the field of presenting television programs.


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